Horse Aroma


I love horse aroma, which had been wrapping warmly my childhood. Back then in the countryside, it was smelling inevitably and elusively of warm droppings. Simply everywhere this kind of wonderful mist, which we had left behind. Snortling from a horses nostrils accommodated with me. I received friendly greetings from a horse, that invited me for going on horseback. Also the Shetland pony, the red Icelandic horse and the red hungarian mare had been coming along. Everybody of them wanted to accompany the beautiful and elegant silvercoloured stallion and the equestrienne on an awesome trip in the rising sun out there at the river. Sometimes, we had used the horse-drawn-carriage for going to the nearby village. Here we were marveling at mother natures rich products. This sight made our mouthes water. Winter was coming and the horses and me decided on taking the sleigh. The horses, ponys and the Iclander were being prepared for trekking me and my friends through a deep winter forest, covered with snow. Silently the snow was drizzling likewise a déjà vu from childhood.

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph “Dogs having Fun” (Amsterdam-Zandvoort aan Zee, North Sea/The Netherlands)

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