Everything ist recuring over the years. Flashing at a great speed. Gravitiy is becoming perceptable. I have a drink with me to reflect on the meaning of life. Out there at the lake. I am fuming and I discover a spot of violence. This emotion impedes ending everything that is not truely belonging to me. I am packing mentally these dismal prospects in a stone for throwing into the lake. Out there I can see the compound effect of circles multiplying in the water. I do not have a towing rope with me so I cannot fetch back the stone. From now on a process of liberation is shaking a leg on my way. The end of cycling? Breakthrough innovation is happening and levels me up for new and improved prospects in time. That is all what is happening in time.

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph “Responsibility” (Bear Lake, Stuttgart/Germany)

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