Similarities or Terminal Care


The deceased paternal grandmother is my namesake Kristina. She is the woman, who never was there. Passionately I would have loved to have met her once upon these days. However it was my Dad who recognized her in my countenance. And in this way he made myself to his mother. Treasured, alone and beautiful that`s what we are when we all exit from Mother Earth. Remaining a shimmer of life. In the aura of myself she the grandma had been appearing again and again and she was living within me as long as my Dad needed her. My role simply was the one of a good friend. And now it is time to say Goodbye. … In honor of a great man. I am grateful for having had him as my Dad in this sequence of lifetime on Planet Earth. We had great joy, great debates and both of us have known the border, concerning mutual respect and politeness. So, he was one of my best bodies. He left a fortune to me of endless virtues and lifes wisdom. Thank you Dad. – Namaste

His quote “Freedom and Confidence to the whole Family” (Hans 1930-2022)

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph “Leverage” (Backnang/Germany)

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