Mmmmh … deeming melancholy back to my mom. I paint a picture out of it, who she possibly was. Initially she had more power over me. On the other hand while swimming in the sea, that was me having had more mettle than her. There was a moggie sitting at the beach telling us miaow, this is what I am telling you quite childlike. Now you were able to see how Mom`s morose face turned into more ease. Sometimes I think, she might had to mull over a lot of muck and people from the past. I had painted an image from her and showed it to her. In this way I had pulled off my Mom from this trip of geochemical history. Therewith I made her liven up again. … She left great wisdom about health issues to me that I have researched, developed and refined. I put it successfully into practice. Thank you Mom.

Her quote: “It shall be beautiful when we are all together” (Erika 1932-1988)

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Drawing “Motherly Love”

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