Here upcoming a portrait of a Grand Lady. My grandaunt in Canada. She gave me support to broaden my horizon since my childhood, which was amazing. She had chosen me her bonus daughter and I opted her for my bonus mom. The trust between both of us was powerful. It was Kathy, who was the primary originator of emigrating to Canada. From Germany to Toronto on the vessel, crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Accompanied by her niece, the youngest sister of my Dad. My godfather, the middle brother of my father followed them, quite on his own, after a short while. Kathy was great in family. For myself, the family in Canada had become an epitome of confidence and coherence, even by the distance of the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, we had great fun altogether during our mutual visits to and fro. One cousin, the son of the youngest brother of my Dad, and me and both young teens. We were the pioneers of the family traveling from Germany to Canada nonstop STR – YYZ Toronto Pearson International, flying Air Canada. This was a true WOW factor. My grandaunt was something like a guardian of the family, even with connections to our family in France. There were always plenty of stories to tell about our extraction. She even knew about many other cousins, who settled in the New World, at the time. I loved and cherished Kathy for her benevolence, confidence and her ever positive attitude. She had a beautiful smile on her face. To me Kathy became a role model for pleasant vigorousness and energy. I loved her homebase Mountain Forest Hill, the farm, which was huge. Nevertheless, she decided to climb the fence to the neighbours farm, to find an adequate and young softwood tree. This one she planted in front of her farmhouse and appreciated that highly. Made sense. “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. She could buy and sell homes. During the summertime, I worked in her family owned Homebakery & Delikatessen. She introduced me to one of her neighbours, who had a swimming pool. She knew that I am fond of swimming. And let`s go, right away I was sitting on the back of a motorcycle with the neighour and we were booming home and I jumped into the cool wet. Over there in Canada my passion for studying serveral languages were birthed. Likewise correspondence with one of my cousins. From now on she wrote letters to me in German and on the other hand I wrote back in English. I admired my grandaunt in her formation as a business woman. Her capacity, despite of all ups & downs in her own life. The loss of her eldest son, age twelve, who was in an accident by bike. She learned to live with that, too. She found new ways with her youngest son and many grandchildren. She was ever attainable to me. Personalities like her are a big pumpkin. This is the portrait of a Grand Lady, a legend. Great History, I am so happy and grateful for my grandaunt Kathy!

Her quote “Be strong” (Kathy 1927-2016)

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Drawing “Family Tree”

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