And so it is when I want to give myself
    an energy kick, 
and when I believe that la joie de vivre
    is demanding energy, 
and when this energy lets me jump
    out of bed in the morning, 
and when the joy of life awakens 
    automatically within me, 
and when I can accept all weather 
conditions of the day, 
likewise power and courage 
    and fearlessness
is evolving from this energy, 
and I give me the kick of plenty of 
vitamins, minerals and enzymes, 
and I experience this energy of 
    never give up, 
and I start to ignore ignoramus, 
and this energy guides me 
in the mode of the observer 
    of the to be observed within me, 
and the dynamics of never give up, 
and when from this energy vitality 
and love comes into being, 
and although we all know about this 
we don`t do it, 
    and ... or we do it, 
and create our own energy kick. 

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph ArtWork “Ingredients vegan & Shake it”

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