In my worst nightmares of my childhood I was a housewife, I wore the permanent wave, odd clothes and colourless make-up. To avoid attracting attention she smiled harmlessly and permanently. She lived in a bleary rhythm, she found her entertainment in the supermarket, as well as the approval of her neighbours. Back home she was twittering everything to her budgie. In the day, she listened to shallow music on the radio and in the evening she watched TV to inform herself about the offers out there in the world.

In my most beautiful dreams of my childhood I was the successful business woman. She was a personality with charisma and she gained winnings. She lived in the flow of her life, was sportive and in motion. She attracted information with ease to progress and could call herself as up-to-date. Experience of life and approval flew to her. Her friends were awesome. They appreciated her actions and life and love was with her.

And reality plays its own game.

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG- Photograph “Freelance” (Foto shoot, Stuttgart/Germany)

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