The Power of Perseverance


Think about the others, who accomplished tenaciously their wants with endurance, she thought by herself. Think about that they keep their objects in their eyes. Think about a symbolic bridge. Think about that nothing and nobody is able to irritate you. Think about and simply see yourself going ahead. Think about looking forward on your way. Think about and feel it that you are full of hope. Think about that you are full of conviction and self-explanatory. Think about that imagination is always on your side for your support. Think about in which way conception and vision can approach. Think about and sense it with great joy – unless reinvent this skill for yourself. Think about the others. Heaven on earth think about the others! It`s going on and on and even more. Today, tomorrow and every day a little better, she said to herself.

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph “Gardening”

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