Brilliant White Light

Likewise the sensation of being wrapped in 100% pure cotton wool,
smooth, warm, cozy,
just like be on cloud nine.
This light has enlightened the night
and now awakens a fresh page of today.
Dignified as white horses of the Camargue,
you can see the graceful vibration of the light through the clouds,
awakening all living beings.
New freedom arises lovingly
for this day.
At the wedding, brilliant white light allows every bride in her bridal gown
to appear even more in the most whitest white,
white roses and starry chrysanthemum are flying through the air.
At our exit, also the white cerement and small pillow in addition,
is helping to ease the severity of this mourning,
and white roses and white chrysanthemum are flying afterwards.
The colour of white tastes like fresh mother`s milk and is giving, nourishing, tender.
So, take your paintbrush and spread the pureness of this colour
on your domino paper.
Brilliant white light,
smooth, warm, cozy
magnificent sensation in doing so.

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph “Clouds” (Nice, Côte d`Azur/France)

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