The Radiator

The appearance of the radiator was old
and he wanted to recharge himself to look 
like new, actually he appears as single-bank
or as multi-section radiator

he gave Dr. Craft a ring sharing his wants for
change of air, which was cold and dry, and his
emotional state was charged and he wanted
to deflate himself, already in the morning

bubbled a specific sound, he needed dehydration
therapy, he didn`t like this situation, which was
not of his taste, so he could have bitten in
the multi-section but did not, in order to

the favour of his teeth, Dr. Craft arrived with
speed to give remedy, the old varnish got away
and new one on it, a long time he didn`t smell anything
anymore and now he can smell fresh fuel oil and new

varnish, finally he radiates charisma and can live and regulate
his life as a radiator, renovation is enjoyable, he thought by himself
letting go of the old hat and reappear in a new outfit - awesome.

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph “Planet Sun – our True Radiator” (New Year Sunrise, Stuttgart/Germany)

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