Future Brains


I wonder about the evolution of the human brains. Positioned in our head it continues over the cervical spine, spinal column and coccyx from above to the bottom. Yet the embryos head seems virtually bombastic huge, just like a small mushroom, and the silhouette of the little body droll. Connected firmly with the earth. Outside nothingness, vastness, the void and an incredible horizon may open, if we allow. The evolution of the brain, thoughts and speech have their own continuum. Billons of neurons communicate altogether over synapses. Branching of neurons in the whole nervous system lead to interlacing that is of impact for our brains way of thinking. Influenced by what we want to see and which choices we meet for our surroundings. I wonder how far this can go. From the endless alpha α to the endless omega Ω? The question remains open-ended. So, we continue marveling and observing. I wonder how exciting.

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph “Van-Gogh-Museum” (Amsterdam/The Netherlands)

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