There is courage in life
There is courage in life
view forward-facing
I am looking forwardly
and it looks like
Rockefeller carved in stone
over Hollywood
Resilience is the Crux!
Love and Confidence
I am perservering
it sounds like the concert of piano
that I am giving
strong & firm, tenacious
         - it smells like freedom
the way may be given to me
the knowledge is there and it tastes
like gold bars in the mouth or curry

Yes, this is the garden behind
my house
erotic like flirting with the wind
and it feels
like freshest, clear, pure
water originating from a
never ebbing fountain of youth

... and courage looks like the colour green.

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph “Bay over Irish Sea” (Dublin/√Čire)

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