Contradiction & Harmony

A wolf in sheep`s clothing appears from his hiding place. All show no substance - he reveals himself as honourable and proper - Mr. Clean or beggar. Here, he stands in the light of freedom, for his first time. He is afraid and is getting scared, his eyes confused, he sweats, the lifelong escape and self-abhorrence was painful. As a true devil, this little angel, he confuses strength with dominance, courage with bias of overbearance and surrender to life with misuse of the others - all show no substance. As a true loser fellow he avoids overt language. His communicative expressions are dumb and bossy. In minimalist manner it sounds like "but, but, You, You, You ... like once kids psyches, who were not able to grow to adults maturity and they will collapse. Yes, me, me, I am born to be here in this world, too. I have the right to be here like every tree coming, thriving and leaving once upon these days. Without contradiction there is no harmony.

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph “Stillness Speaking” (Bear Lake Stuttgart/Germany)

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