Opportunity & Necessity

At the ridge of an opportunity decicisions are made
Why waiting firstly until results are in sight,
when we are feeling uncertainty, until one fine day
the big check will be delivered through the chimmney,
while each day already in existence, there are prospects, 
opportunities in straight sight and in front of our door, that 
we can open, when we remain unsettled for it.

At this ridge of an opportunity decicisons are made. Yet, who 
could stand this ridge walk, tied with fears, doubts and worries.
On the one hand the multiple opportunities, on the other hand
everyday lifes necessities. These necessities being on a path rather 
small, narrow and fixed, giving less room for winning or losing?
Who wouldn`t like having more framing and guidance that is life giving
more clarity and structure in the fever of creative imagination?
Opportunities can result in necessities & vice versa.

Carmen K. Gross

Footage by CKG – Photograph “Communication in Nature” (Bear Lake Stuttgart/Germany)

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